BEXLEY Pasco County, FL

  • 1,733-acre community slated for 1,720 single-family and multi-family homes
  • 1,200 acres of preserved open space areas and parks
  • 94,000 sq. ft. of commercial-retail space and 562,500 sq. ft. of office space planned


Leveraged the idea of “creative play” to develop a connected open space system with unique parks, trails and playgrounds resulting in a successful Grand Opening and year one sales momentum that surpassed an aggressive sales goal expectation.


Community planning, brand development, marketing services, social media

After four generations of family land stewardship, thousands of acres of ranchland in Pasco County are now finding their rightful place as coveted preserved wilderness. Cypress domes. Oak hammocks. Pine flatwoods. Freshwater ponds, marshes, and streams flowing from the Anclote River. This quintessential Florida environ also endures to fulfill the promise of the next generation as a place where people embrace the idea that engaging its natural architecture should be a visceral experience, a daily ritual. A place closely connected to all the essentials that make life a bit easier and a lot fuller. A community grounded in the pursuit of a natural, healthy life that reaches beyond its borders to ensure it. This is Bexley.

Having grown up in the area or moving north to find some room to roam, we all were drawn to this place because it looks and feels familiar, yet it’s different. The pervasive presence of the indigenous landscape blending naturally with the contemporary character of the architecture. The Bexley Trail often changing not only in direction but in character as you approach a new special place. Spontaneous places to play naturally under the Oak Hammock, workout along the boardwalk and just rest while the dogs have a play date. A different town center that actually creates meaningful places to gather and celebrate with neighbors and friends. Even the neighborhoods are different, more intimate with a collection of homes designed especially for Bexley that reflects the natural character of this place and respects the way we actually live. It’s all very familiar because it’s natural. It’s different because it’s Bexley.