• 1,589-acre community slated for 2,400 homes with commercial center
  • Additional commercial center and community college to come


The Triangle’s first green community launched in 2008, Briar Chapel is also the best-selling community in the Triangle and will commemorate its 10th anniversary in 2018.


Land entitlement, community planning, brand development, marketing services, social media

Intentional. Everything that exists in Briar Chapel is just that. A prosperous, nurturing and sustainable community that inhabits the land without inhibiting its natural growth. One that will serve as a living example of how life can flourish among the trees and along the creeks while being enhanced by the gift of technology.

There are traditions and historic settlement on this land that have inspired every element of the design of Briar Chapel, from the roads and landscape, to the homes and gathering places. The future residents will pay homage to these remainders and reminders of how life was lived by those who came before.

There is a spirit of creativity, spontaneity and curiosity embedded in the traditional fabric of this place that draws you in. Community arts and culture. Avenues of lifelong learning. A demonstrated commitment to the environment. And a bond with nature that reaches into each neighborhood, embracing each home, touching each family.

A Sanctuary in Nature—Briar Chapel