• 3,642-acre community slated for 6,000 single-family homes
  • 750 acres of parks and open space


Assisted with the community planning and builder segmentation, and a re-defined customer experience to create a new paradigm for prairie style living in Katy, TX.


Community planning, brand development, marketing services, social media

Just as the tall grass prairie unleashed novel sensations of vastness, romance and awe to the pioneers long ago, a sojourn onto the Katy Prairie today reveals a landscape of spontaneous color, sounds and discovery. Here, still waters, shared by songbirds and heron, suddenly appear as ponds, grassy marshes and at times, gentle creeks. Given a direction, they may lead to a meadow of wildflowers with no other hedgerow than the sky, or unexpected hollows and bends, paying homage to the markings of another time. This is the heritage that is celebrated in the new community of Elyson on the Katy Prairie.

And just like the families who settled the Katy Prairie, these new families of Elyson will be true to its nature with a keen eye to the future. With landscape as a path revealing special places that encourage spontaneous play or a walk with no reason to end. And places to gather, spaces to share, spending the important hours of the day with neighbors and family – swimming, playing, shopping or walking to school. But when it’s time to go, it’s to the most special place of all – home. And as naturally as the tall grasses grow, so do the homes grace the neighborhoods, blending authentic architecture with the natural gifts of the prairie.

So when you take that unexpected bend in the road, you may just find your way home to Elyson.