• 422-acre community slated for 836 homes
  • 20 acres of amenities and open space


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Community planning, brand development, marketing services

It’s been said that the land belongs to the future and our Blackland Prairie is no exception. This rich patchwork of woods, meadows, and open grasslands advanced farming into the economic engine of the area and gave birth to America’s cattle industry. And when the railroad came to take it all to market, people came to build the town, more people came to start businesses to support the town and people have been coming to Frisco ever since to share in the prosperity and build a new life. It is this spirit, drive and endurance that are now the gifts of this rich black soil, the legacy of Frisco’s 112-year story, and the promise of a new future for this land—Hollyhock.

As small businesses and large corporations have taken the place of farmers and ranchers as the economic drivers of Frisco’s growth, families from all over continue to come here to reap the rewards of their own success. The families of Hollyhock value a more intimate community, one that fosters a richer connection to each other, our neighbors and friends. We experience the gifts of our natural habitat by losing ourselves on the trails, chasing fireflies at the park, even dropping a line at the fishing pier. We encourage one another to get involved in our exceptional neighborhood schools, organize Octoberfest at the Fields House or just spend time on the front porch sharing hopes and dreams. All to cultivate a healthy and active community culture, rich in celebration and meaningful relationships. And with our roots squarely planted, this is the future we are building for our children in Hollyhock.