TEHALEH Bonney Lake, WA

  • 4,700-acre community slated for 9,700 homes in a 4 million sq. ft. employment center
  • Future town center and village centers are planned


Abandoned and bankrupt in 2009, Tehaleh was acquired by Newland Communities in 2011. Renamed, re-envisioned, and transformed into the #1 best-selling new home community in the state of Washington.


Community planning, brand development, marketing services


You don’t just happen upon it. You have to know it’s here. In fact, you know it once the tree line visibly climbs higher, the Mountain appears even closer, and the forest becomes ever present. A spirit resides here that only the outdoors is big enough to contain, one that fuels the desire to preserve it, share it, grow in it, play in it, live in it. A spirit so inherent that it is both the legacy of this land and the inspired impetus for creating this new community in the forest, Tehaleh.

The families of Tehaleh will connect to the outdoors in myriad ways, both passive and active, individual and collective, throughout the day. Sometimes engaging the woods, the wetlands, the ponds, and the meadows along the greenways. Other times climbing the tree house in Forest Park, exercising at the trailheads, or just walking the kids to school and getting coffee—even one day, walking to work. But at all times, these families of Tehaleh are creating a pattern of life that is unique to them, in a community made for them.